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Petzl STRIX VL line of headlamps specifically created to respond to the requirements of the military during operations demanding stealth
Double rotation system allows great freedom for orienting the headlight beam
Includes headband & MOLLE rail
STRIX VL headlamps have color lighting (red, green, blue) and three white lighting levels. 

The STRIX VL headlamp was specifically created to meet the requirements of the military during operations where stealth is key. 

Two lighting configurations:
  • Visible color lighting:
    Red, green and blue color lighting choices offer comfortable vision for close-range work & when moving around
  • Visible white lighting:
    Three modes: stealth mode ( very narrow, low-intensity beam for stealth and maximum battery life), close-range vision mode, movement mode.
Tactical headlamps from Petzl

Intuitive lighting management to guarantee stealth:
  • The sequence of modes moves from most discreet to least discreet
  • Pulse control allows each mode to be accessed and to quickly turn off the headlamp
  • Lighting modes and the OFF position can be locked to prevent any unwanted maneuver
  • SCAN" function: Headlamp turns off instantly when button is released
  • For quick movement between modes, only one of the three colors is directly accessible (programmable choice)
Strix headlamp light beam double rotation systemFor each of the numerous ways the headlamp can be worn, the biaxial rotation system allows great freedom for orienting the beam: 180 degrees horizontally & 120 degrees vertically. The user can be assured that he/she will see where needed. Orient the beam straight up to prevent blinding people when conversing is desired. It offers exceptional versatility and intuitive use with absolute reliability.

Headlamp keeps hands free for working efficiently
There are numerous ways of wearing the STRIX headlamp for great versatility of use:

Petzl Strix headlamp vest attachment Petzl Strix headlamp worn on the head with the headband Petzl Strix headlamp worn around the neck with the headband
On a vest
Using the integrated MOLLE clip
On the head 
Using the headband (included)
Around the neck
Using the headband (included), without removing the helmet, thanks to the buckle

Dependable lighting for all situations
Petzl Strix headlamp constant lighting Petzl Strix headlamp visible light mode Petzl Strix headlamp colored light modes
Constant lighting
Integrated regulation technology guarantees lighting with performance that does not diminish during its rated battery life. Lighting switches to reserve mode when battery is almost depleted.
Visible white lighting
White lighting is available in three modes: stealth (very narrow, low intensity beam), close-range vision (wide beam, power/battery life compromise), movement (wide, maximum-intensity beam).
Visible color lighting
Three color choices available for close range vision and movement: red, green, blue.

Intuitive lighting management and mechanical strength
Petzl Strix headlamp helmet attachment Petzl Strix headlamp is easy to access mounted on a helmet Petzl Strix headlamps are mechanically strong and tough
MOLLE helmet mounts
Equipped with the ACH-ARC Ops Core system, using the integrated rail or, in the absence of the rail, using the ADAPT STRIX plate (pictured accessory)
Intuitive management
Even while wearing gloves, manipulating the knobs with the pulse control is noiseless and simple. Quickly access each mode and turn off the headlamp.
Great mechanical strength
STRIX headlamps are resistant to falls of 2 m, even at -30° C, to impact and to crushing (80 kg). They are waterproof to -1 m for 30 minutes, and dustproof (IP 67).

Equipped with an Ops Core ACH-ARC system integrated rail typically found on the MITCH Helmets! Headband clip and MOLLE rail/clip built in
With no rail on helmet purchase Helmet ADAPT STRIX plate. Sold separately.

  • Constant lighting guarantees lighting performance that does not decrease as the batteries are drained; then switches to reserve mode
  • Knob manipulation is noiseless, quick and easy, even with gloves on
  • Charge indicator flashes when battery is low
  • Dust-proof ( IP 67 )
  • Compatible with NI-MH rechargeable batteries & Lithium batteries, increasing battery life up to 2.5 times
  • Batteries: 1 AA (included)
  • Body and headband available in black, camo, and tan
  • Waterproof -1 meter for 30 minutes ( No Maintenance required after immersion)
  • Resistant to falls ( 2 m, even at -30 C), to shock & to crushing
  • Warranty: 3 year manufacturer guarantee
  • Ability to mount to Ops-Core’s ARC Rail
  • Mounts to new military plastic helmet with rail
  • Military MOLLE mountable
  • STRIX incorporates a metal PALS compatible clip at the rear to allow mounting to armor vests and other platforms
  • Adapt STRIX clamps onto the lower lip of the helmet edge for guys wearing the ACH and other combat helmets

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