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SnigelDesign Pancake Hölster -12

365 kr

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Artikelnr: SD35-00467-001-000
Lagerstatus: (19) I lager
This is a perfect covert holster, adjustable for both pistol and pistol with a lamp.

It is carried in your belt.
It can also be used if you normally carry a pistol in the equipment vest or on the belt.
Situations often arise where you need take them off, where do you put your pistol then? 
Our solution is this holster which is small and quite soft. 
When you need to reduce their profile, when you walk around the camp but do not wear the standard holster etc., then it is natural to carry a pistol in this holster. 
The holster is semi soft and can be carried without a pistol,  without discomfort under the equipment vest or belt.
Works for both right or left handed shooters.
It is turned upside down when changing from left to right hand users.
Pistol height is adjusted with a length adjustment strap, making it possible to get it exactly as you want it.
Thumb release safety strap or elastic thumb safety strap.
Sig226, Glock 18 /17 or similar sized pistols with or without a flashlight attached fits inside.

 Weight: 75 g

Measurement: 15 x 11 x 1 cm

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